Wrote a new post on self-hosting a Minecraft server at home: https://nevkontakte.com/2023/self-hosted-minecraft.html.

I wouldn't call it a new year resolution, but I'd like to write more blog posts that I have for the last several years. I notice that I learn a lot, never write it down and eventually have to re-learn, which is silly. I ought to stop treating my blog as a serious scientific paper which only accepts polished papers with novel knowledge. If the knowledge was novel to me, that's reason enough to write it down.

Tried https://kopia.io/ today for backups of my Minecraft server, and it's looking really nice. Runs fast (our world is fairly small about ~3GiB), uses very little CPU and memory, incremental backups use very little disk space, supports retention advanced policies. Much, much nicer than Textile Backup mod I've been using before.

For the moment backups are just to the local disk, but adding a remote storage won't be too difficult.


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