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Social media be like: “omg this is great/awful/changes everything and I feel this is super important” without any mention of what they are referring to.

Me, googles latest news to guess what happened: “aw another US politics nonsense”

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Found a bug of the "I have no idea how that could have possibly worked" kind:

class arena {
  std::vector<std::unique_ptr<intptr_t[]>&gt; allocs_;
  intptr_t* allocate(size_t n) {
    allocs_.emplace_back(new intptr_t[n]);
    return allocs_.end()-&gt;get();


Notice that instead of returning the last element, the code returns the end() iterator which points to after the last element. To random memory. Oops?.. 🤦‍♂️

It's really annoying how many coding-oriented LLM say nothing about the licensing of the datasets they have been trained on. Every now and then I research if I can use fancy AI completion for my open source work and the answer is the same: yolo. 😤 The tooling is great - you can spin up a model in like 5 minutes plus download time. The legality of it continues to be ignored my just about everyone.

Pleeease give me a model registry and an option to filter on compatibility with the license of my project. Is that too much to ask?

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You know what's the absolutely guaranteed way to make sure I never respond to your job opening email? Name your company "Powerpoint Engineering Ltd."

I had enough slides for a lifetime.

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Knowing a bit about how sausages are make (not at Apple specifically), I'm willing to bet that this isn't as much "withholding features" as "getting on the hype train asap, but doing it in a DMA-compliant way would delay the launch by far too long".

Also, it should give you a pause to think what is it about their intelligence features that is not DMA-compliant and why would the rest of the world want that stuff in their pocket.

Hmm, do you need to put up a cookie warning if you are using only LocalStorage? 🤔


Is it okay to have more dependabot commits in your repo than your own?

I am back at it. Today we will pat that cat.

🧵 continuous here: