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Who needs dragon poker if we have C++ to play with.

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Can anyone recommend a mind-mapping application with the following features (in the order of importance):

  • Available on mobile and desktop, with sync (not necessarily their own cloud, via Dropbox or Google Drive is fine).

  • Open source.

  • Ability to attach files (images, pdfs, so on).

  • Full text search.

Finally, finished my second woodworking project, this time it’s a stand for various tablet-like electronics. Three slots are sized for a drawing tablet, a laptop and an iPad, lined with felt to avoid scratching screen surfaces.

Some lessons learned:

  • Making straight, precise cuts is hard without a table saw, especially angled ones. Electric jigsaw was better than a handsaw, but still required a lot of post-processing with sandpaper to make different parts line up.

  • Internet was right saying that using hand plain against the grain is a bad idea. I caused a lot of chipping at the edges that way.

  • Internet was also right saying that hardwood is better for this type of project. Pine chips and dents very easily. I took a lot of care to avoid that and even so there are quite a few, if you know where to look. I used pine because that was the only thing I could pick up in a nearby store, but for the next time it might be worth going somewhere with a better choice.

  • On a related note, 18mm thickness is really overkill for this purpose. It made the stand bulkier and heavier than it needs to be. I think something like 6mm plywood would’ve been much more appropriate.

  • Drill + sanding drum turned out to be the best low-cost option for making things line up. Previously I tried orbital sander for that, but it really wasn’t good for removing any significant amount of material.

  • Hi-Tack Fast tack glue worked really well for sticking felt to wood. It grabbed felt pretty well, but didn’t penetrate deep enough to make it hard or scratchy.

  • I should look into better ways of joining the parts together. I kinda brute-forced my way with a lot of screws, but that’s not as elegant as I would like it to be.

  • CAD drawing really helped to visualize and tweak the shape before committing to it.

  • A laser printer is a heaven’s gift. Being able to print the part templates from the CAD made things soooo much easier.

All that said, I’m quite pleased with myself. Here’s the CAD model if anyone’s interested.

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I’ve spent a better part of today, playing with ’s internal API and trawling through GitHub for examples of the apps that use it. I think I’ve learned enough to try and code something up. This thread will be my notebook and a journal.

The minimal objective will be to write an exporter from the following list to OPML, so that I can move most of my feed into an RSS reader. And if I don’t lose the interest by then, I' may even try to write a web app for reading the feed with no frills.

Changed the post editor on this blog from EasyMDN to ProseMirror, which works a lot better on mobile. It is also wysiwyg, which I’m not sure how I feel about. Bit if I don’t like it, there’s also CodeMirror.

Continuing the topic of unfucking UI:

This extension basically rebuilds Twitter circa 2015 based on the modern API. If all you need is a usable Twitter in the browser, this is the way to go. For myself I think I'd like something that can remember my position across devices, so I might end up trying to code something up...

You can find a lot of interesting scripts if you search for certain constants on GitHub. For example, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANRILgAAAAAAnNwIzUejRCOuH5E6I8xnZz4puTs%3D1Zv7ttfk8LF81IUq16cHjhLTvJu4FA33AGWWjCpTnA seems to be a constant that Twitter's internal API always uses in the Authentication header.

Just look at this:

I am not a huge fan of RTS type games, but this one is simple enough to enjoy it with a good audiobook and a cup o' tea

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For a long time I've been a big fan of white teas (silk way or sliver needle for example). Recently I discovered that adding a bit of apple juice to the cup makes it even better. ☕

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